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Why booknowmed?

We take away the hassle in organizing medical trips so patients and their families can enjoy what truly matters.

- Antonios-Aris Bailan, founder & CEO

Booknowmed is a true solution for consumers and patients, wishing to travel for medical purposes and experience customized, high-quality services at competitive prices.

360° clinic presentation
You can now have a virtual tour of the facilities of the clinic from the comfort of your own home. Our innovative technology allows you to view video, both high resolution and 360° photos and an interactive floor plan of the clinic.
Safe booking without surprises
We ask the clinic to accept or reject your reservation, as an extra measure to ensure there are no surprises during your check-in.
Complete transparency
After your booking is confirmed we will put you in direct contact with the clinic, disclosing all contact details of both parties. This way you have complete control over your booking.
Book now or request availability for later
Depending on the complexity of the treatment, you can book instantly or simply request availability for a future date.
All affiliated clinics and hospitals in our network, are accredited and certified professionals. We are your point of contact, from booking to completion.
Book faster
Browse, Find, Book - In 3 steps!
Give feedback
Review the clinic after the completion of your treatments and contribute to the experience of other medical travelers.

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