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Delivering unique solutions and quality services, together! is proud to partner with successful and pioneering companies from different countries, each triumphing in their respective fields. From global leaders to start-ups and NGOs, together we deliver solutions that improve the quality of life for thousands of medical consumers. The partnerships we are most proud of are the ones with Kidney Patient Associations worldwide, and our network of 376 clinics and hospitals in 52 countries.

All of our partnerships have a common denominator: to make medical tourism accessible to all by offering variety and high quality services in the most simple way possible.

Meet our partners and learn about how we come together to enhance the experience of medical travels:

Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility

European Union - WB EDIF

There is no better validation of our work than receiving the support of the European Union and international bodies of respected authority. is an ideal solution for chronic patients and medical travelers worldwide, offering instant access to hundreds of medical facilities and simplifying the booking process of treatments abroad.

In August 2017 Virtus Vita received a significant investment from the WB EDIF towards the realization of the first-ever online booking engine in the field of medical tourism:

The Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF) was created by initiative of the European Union with the goal to boost SME development in the Balkan region. Investors in the WB EDIF are the European Commission, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), governments of beneficiary economies and private investors.

Read more about the WB EDIF here.

We are proud to partner with WB EDIF on this project, offering security and innovative solutions to our customers.

Learn more about our partnership with the WB EDIF here.


As of 2020, has partnered with with the goal of creating a complete and efficient booking experience. When it comes to partnership opportunities, our users are the first who come to mind, and we are always striving to create a smoother journey on the platform.

With the integration, when our users choose a location for their dialysis treatment on, a new window pops up with search results for possible accommodation properties in that same location. If a date is entered, the date gets carried over and is included in search results as well. This allows our users to simultaneously browse booking options on while they look for preferred clinics on without having to enter duplicate information on

We recognize the importance of simplicity when it comes to booking a treatment abroad, and we are happy to provide this feature for our users without compromising quality and security. is proud to be a part of a trusted network and we all look forward to coming achievements.