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Delivering unique solutions and quality services, together!

Booknowmed is proud to partner with successful and pioneering companies from different countries, each triumphing in its field. From global leaders to start-ups and NGOs, together we deliver solutions that improve the quality of life of thousands of medical consumers worldwide.

All our partnerships, have a common denominator; to make Medical Tourism accessible to all by offering variety and high quality services in the most simple way possible.

Meet our partners and the ways we come together to simplify medical travels:

Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility

European Union - WB EDIF

There is no better validation of our work than receiving the support of the European Union and International bodies. Booknowmed is a true solution for chronic patients and medical travelers worldwide, offering instant access to hundreds of medical facilities and simplifying the booking process of treatments.

In August 2017 Virtus Vita received a significant investment from the WB EDIF towards the realization of the first-ever online booking engine in the field of Medical Tourism: booknowmed.

The Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF) was created by initiative of the European Union with the goal to boost SME development in the area. Investors in the WB EDIF are the European Commission, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), Governments of beneficiary economies and private investors.

Read more about the WB EDIF here.

We are proud to partner with WB EDIF in this project, offering security and truly innovative solutions to our customers. Learn more about our partnership with the WB EDIF, here.


City Expert

The presentation of a clinic sets patients’ standards on what to expect during their treatment. Moreover, the photos, the amenities and the facilities of the clinic have an impact on how a clinic will rank on search results.

In cooperation with City Expert, booknowmed uses innovative technology to deliver the ultimate user experience in the field of healthcare.

Patients can now have a virtual tour of the facilities of a clinic from the comfort of their home. Our tool allows patients to have a complete and true view of the facilities of the clinic before they book their treatment, through video, both high resolution and 360° photos and an interactive floor plan. Patients get a first ‘look and feel’ so they can make better decisions when choosing the right clinic for their needs.

Whereas, clinics have the ability to optimize their online presentation and rank on top of search results. This way they can maximize the number of bookings they receive, while setting the right expectations for patients.

City Expert was established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2015, specializing in high-end real estate brokerage, with a modern twist. This startup is set to change the real-estate market from the ground up. City Expert is using breakthrough technology that allows users to explore properties, through video and 360° photos, speeding up the shortlisting of properties. City Expert is successfully operating in Serbia and Austria, and continuously expanding its operations to other European markets.

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