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Holiday Dialysis

At Virtus Vita we are aware that life is full of challenges, which can be particularly tantalizing for people confronted with health issues. We genuinely care about patients’ well being, so we are devoted to helping them surmount these obstacles through individualized life-enhancing dialysis & travel services.

We work hard to realize every renal patient’s dream: stress-free, safe and cost-effective Holiday Dialysis in wonderful destinations worldwide.

With a deep-rooted tradition in renal healthcare paired with professional expertise, Virtus Vita has crafted dynamic affiliations with the World’s best renal care providers and hospitality experts, giving patients the ability to travel abroad, with minimum risk and maximum comfort.

Official partner of 60 Kidney Patient Associations

Virtus Vita is an official partner of 60 Kidney Patient Associations in 20 countries for Holiday Dialysis, organizing every year group and individual trips for their members.

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