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We know how to make you feel at home, while abroad for treatment. At we create cost-effective holiday packages tailored to your needs. This way, you can enjoy unforgettable vacations with the people you love, at the destination of your choice and with all the care you deserve!

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Why do our Holiday Dialysis packages stand out?

  • You dialyze in an absolutely safe environment even when away from home.
  • You can choose among hundreds of amazing destinations worldwide.
  • We affiliate with highly accredited dialysis units, with experienced renal care experts & state-of-the-art facilities.
  • You can select the hotel you prefer based on your individual needs and be sure that you receive top-quality service throughout your stay.
  • Tickets and transportation are all arranged for you in the best possible rates, so you save precious time and money.
  • We organise group excursions and cultural activities to discover the city.

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