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Getting Started

Getting Started

Listing your clinic. Receiving international patients.

How do I receive dialysis patients?

How do patients pay for treatments?

Do patients pay to use

How much should I charge for treatment?

Can I get a refund from, if I don’t receive any patients?

Can I give a patient a custom price?

What is the difference between a reservation and a booking?

Are patients’ personal details verified before booking?

How can I take great photos for my profile?

How can I become a healthcare provider on

Are there any restrictions on what can be listed on the healthcare provider's profile?

What legal or regulatory issues should I consider before creating a listing on

Are there cancelation fees for healthcare providers, when they cancel a booking?

How do ratings & reviews work?

What to know before you create a listing on

How is safe?

How is my personal and business data used on

How is complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

What are's Terms of Use?

What is EHIC?

Who are's partners?

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