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Benefits to Affiliates

List your clinic today and start receiving patients!

At booknowmed we connect medical travelers with the world’s largest selection of top
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How it works?

Benefits to affiliates

360° clinic presentation
Now patients can have a virtual tour of your facilities from the comfort of their own home. Our innovative technology allows you to upload video, both high resolution and 360° photos and an interactive floor plan, that brings user’s experience to the next level.
Control over your availability
Choose when you would like to receive patients. Simply register your available slots with booknowmed and amend them any time based on the ongoing needs of your clinic.
Full transparency over bookings
Once the booking is confirmed we will share the full contact details of the patient.
Control over payments
Patients pay you directly! We are not involved in the payment process. You will receive an invoice from us at the end of each month, only if you receive patients.
Free for patients
Our services are free for patients, which means that we will display the price you set for treatments. Build your profile and choose the info you display.
Receive patients from abroad
Join the largest network of medical facilities and promote your clinic to million of patients every year.
Individual & Group Requests
We have access to million of medical travelers, through our channels and collaborations with Patients' Associations, worldwide.

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