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The Northbrook Dialysis Clinic

15 A Northbrook Road, Ranelagh, D06 CH04 Dublin, Ireland

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About The Northbrook Dialysis Clinic

The Northbrook Dialysis Clinic is the first dialysis unit located in the heart of Dublin City Center in the beautiful town of Ranelagh, boasting great cafes, restaurants and pubs for families to go while waiting for their loved ones. It is easily accessible from the M50 and within walking distance of Ranelagh Luas Station (metro) and numerous city bus routes. The Northbrook Clinic is a three-storey detached beautiful Gothic Revival building designed by the architect Mr W.G. Murray.

At Northbrook Dialysis Clinic we aim at offering a safe, stress-free and enjoyable treatment experience for patients visiting the country with our friendly and highly trained staff.

Food and drinks will be provided straight from our local delis for a tasty and fresh delicatessen.

Available treatments:

Cost per treatment
Dialysis HD
In hemodialysis (HD), blood is pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine and returned to your body by tubes that connect you to the machine.
Dialysis HDF
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) is a form of renal replacement therapy that utilizes convective in combination with diffusive clearance, which is used in standard hemodialysis.