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Center of Hemodialysis 2 Mars

466 Boulevard 2 Mars, Haddaouia, 20460 Casablanca, Morocco

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About Center of Hemodialysis 2 Mars

The Center of Hemodialysis 2 Mars is available for holiday dialysis offering the opportunity to all patients interested in visiting Casablanca to experience outstanding dialysis-friendly holidays.
Our center has a surface area of 600 m2, with 70 m2 of windows with a view to beautifully landscaped flower gardens, which surround the dialysis rooms.
At Center of Hemodialysis 2 Mars, we do our best to make you feel right at home and make your stay as pleasant as possible by providing a variety of facilities and amenities: 
-  Three qualified and highly experienced nephrologists.
-  Permanent supervision during dialysis treatments.
-  Multilingual staff.
-  Double stage reverse osmosis system.
-  24 state of the art dialysis machines.
-  100% high permeability dialyzers BPA free.
-  Light snack.
-  TV set.
-  Free Wi-Fi access.

Available treatments:

Cost per treatment
Dialysis HD
In hemodialysis (HD), blood is pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine and returned to your body by tubes that connect you to the machine.