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Centrul de Dializa Diaverum Craiova

Centrul de Dializa Diaverum Craiova

B-dul Gheorghe Chitu nr. 39,Judet Dolj, 200349 Craiova, Romania

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  • Accepting EHIC

  • ISO 14001, ISO 9001
  • Accepting Bank transfer and Cash

About Centrul de Dializa Diaverum Craiova

Our experienced clinic team welcomes you to DIAVERUM CRAIOVA. In our clinic, we offer excellent medical services, as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere.The clinic is equipped with 43 dialysis stations, each of them with individual TV screen.

Craiova is situated near the east bank of the river Jiu in central Oltenia. It is a longstanding political center and is located at approximately equal distances from the Southern Carpathians (North) and the River Danube (South). Craiova is the chief commercial city west of Bucharest and the most important city of Oltenia. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in person to DIAVERUM CRAIOVA.

Available treatments:

Cost per treatment
Dialysis HD Accepting EHIC
In hemodialysis (HD), blood is pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine and returned to your body by tubes that connect you to the machine.
Dialysis HDF Accepting EHIC
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) is a form of renal replacement therapy that utilizes convective in combination with diffusive clearance, which is used in standard hemodialysis.