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Tanger Center de NefrologieTanger Center de Nefrologie photo 2

Tanger Center de Nefrologie

Avenue La Marche Verte, M'diq, 90060 Tanger, Morocco

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About Tanger Center de Nefrologie

Tanger Center de Nefrologie is run by Dr. Imad El Messari, an accredited nephrologist with years of experience in renal healthcare. The center is fully equipped with the latest technology for dialysis, offering high quality treatments and a quiet environment to all renal patients. 

Located only a few steps from the sea front, the city center and the local Suk (flea market), Tanger Center de Nefrologie allows patients to dialyse at the heart of the city. The center offers nurses and medical staff with great experience in receiving renal patients from abroad. 

At Tanger Center de Nefrologie we do our best to make you feel right at home and make your stay as pleasant as possible by providing a variety of facilities and amenities:

 • 6 Fresenius-Cordiax 5008 S & 16 B.Braun Dialog+, dialysis machines
• Dialysis chairs 
• A/C

Available treatments:

Cost per treatment
Dialysis HD
In hemodialysis (HD), blood is pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine and returned to your body by tubes that connect you to the machine.
Dialysis HDF
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) is a form of renal replacement therapy that utilizes convective in combination with diffusive clearance, which is used in standard hemodialysis.