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Instituto do Rim do Parana

Buenos Aires Street, 792, Batel, 80250-070 Curitiba, Brazil

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About Instituto do Rim do Parana

The Instituto do Rim do Paraná Group, based in Curitiba, has been involved in the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases since the early 1980's. More than 35 years have been dedicated to the area of Nephrology. The Buenos Aires Unit is the oldest of all the clinics in the group, holding currently two heamodialysis rooms, each equipped with 16 machines of the highest quality from Fresenius, model 40008B, 4008S V10.
Our unit is responsible for over 2,500 dialysis treatments per month, using reverse osmosis water treatment, meeting all the requirements of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency. Our professional team is composed by nephrologist doctors, nurses with specialization in nephrology, nutritionists, social worker, pharmacists and psychologists.
Our certified professionals, high technology equipment, strategic location and differentiated care, make the Instituto do Rim do Paraná Group one of the largest renal treatment conglomerates in the south of Brazil.

At our medical center we do our best to make you feel right at home and make your stay as pleasant as possible by providing a variety of facilities and amenities:

• Sate-of-the-art Fresenius dialysis machines
• 33 dialysis stations
• Dialysis reclining chairs
• Nephrologist always present during sessions
• Ambulance service and mobile ICU with Doctors and Paramedics
• Experienced medical staff in Holiday Dialysis
• Multilingual staff
• Taxi and Uber services
• Personal TV sets
• Free Wi-Fi Access
• Light snack provided

Available treatments:

Cost per treatment
Dialysis HD
In hemodialysis (HD), blood is pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine and returned to your body by tubes that connect you to the machine.